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Saison 2016/17

19/09/2016 vs Red Boys Aspelt

Aftera much-needed summer break, and a chance for the old guys to rest their oldlegs, the Vets were back and started the 2016-17 campaign with an impressivevictory.

CoachAlain clearly shares more that just a hairstyle with Pep Guardiola, he was justas busy in the transfer window bringing in some fresh talent. A 4-4-2 startingline-up of; Nico, Jean-Marie, Geoff, Peter, Ian, Luciano, Colin, Roland, Ross,Marcelo & Fer (with Khaled & Freddie backing up from the bench). Sevennationalities in the squad … showing Munsbach is still doing it’s bit for theUnited Nations’ effort to seek world peace & I’m happy to report there wasmuch peace on the pitch for a change last night. No red cards, no drama, noteven any comedy moments, just some fine quality football to report.

Withdebuts from new recruits Ross Steele & Fer (sorry, I forgot what it’s shortfor … Fernandinho I think!), and stalwarts Tony Nightingale & Mark Edmondsunavailable, the team’s average age had dropped significantly. A more mobileset-up led to some excellent passing movements - a refreshing change for someof us longer-serving Munsbachers - most of the play throughout the game endedup with an ageing opposition defence trying to play a high line in defence, butbeing sprung by a break-away from the pace of Marcelo, Fer & Ross. As thenight wore on, it was just a question of how many of these one-on-ones with theAspelt keeper could we score?  

Byhalf-time, the answer was 5!  5-0 and cruising, so a very relaxed count ofdinner attendees was taken & the Manager-for-the-night (Tony) unable tooffer any advice for improvement. 

TheVets continued in the second half just as they had left off in the 1st … thegoals kept coming, Aspelt became more frustrated and talk was turning to“should we let them have one” and “should we wake Nico up, or let him sleep”.

Nicowas generally voted MVP by the team with 1 shot to watch go by his near-post inthe 1st half, otherwise spending the rest of the game sat as a spectator … welldone for staying awake! Too many goals to recount individually, but the recordsshows that Fer & Ross made memorable debuts with a hat-trick each, 2 forRoland and 1 each for Khaled & Luciano (I think!).

Anexcellent result, maybe, however this 10-0 win could turn into a 0-3 defeat, aswe discovered afterwards that one of our players (Khaled) is actually justshort of the Vets qualifying age of 33. His cunning plan to disguise this byplaying at the pace of a man twice his age may not have worked, we will have towait to see what the UEFA investigation panel decide!

So afine victory and all the team would like to dedicate this to our outstandingcoach, Alain. We all send our best wishes to you for a speedy return to goodhealth.

21.11.16 @ Sandweiler

The mighty Munsbach arrived for a wet and windy local
derby with Sandweiler knowing that recent battles had generally favoured the
opposition. With the impending Winter break and transfer window ahead, the
Sandweiler boys were looking for a year end performance that would provide for
peaceful sleep and notable regular morning erections over the coming darkest
Luxembourg months. With kick off delayed for 15 minutes or so to ensure the
huge away support (2 blokes, a woman and a dog) could be safely removed from the home end, this
conveniently also allowed the visitors to eventually muster up a full
contingent of players to start the game. Why are we the only club that isn't
able to start the match on time?

The defense lined up with Nico in goal and Prakash, Fatboy
Mark, Peter and Jean Marie ahead of him. In midfield, Alfredo, Tag, Luciano and
Frederico started and up front, Marcelo and Ross were selected. Ian turned up
10 minutes into the game so joined in with the sideline singing whilst
preparing for his early entrance to the fray. Our lads in white set the early
pace with some excellent, short and quick passing play that at times, looked
more like something from a high velocity FIFA2017 computer game than a bunch of old useless farts
that time has cruelly punished. Fast, crisp, tenacious attacking play was the
order of the day and this resulted in wave after wave of relentless pressure on
the home defense. It was only a question of time before Sandweiler succumbed
and it was Tag who subsequently opened the scoring after 15 minutes or so with
a comfortable close range finish. Sandweiler responded with some direct play
and Munsbach's defense was stretched somewhat. With Fatboys underpants being
joyfully passed around the away supporters having been stolen from the dressing
room, Nico was called upon to keep things in order and he produced one
particular full length diving save that was "top draw" and perhaps
worthy of a much higher level than this. Despite a few scares, Munsbach
regained their composure and generally maintained the initiative. Frederico
responded with a delightful right footed volley from outside the box into the
top corner to make it 2-0. Ross added a well taken and well deserved third
before half time to put the icing on the cake. It would be wrong to pick out
specific individuals for praise since everyone played their part in what was a
thoroughly efficient first half team performance throughout. A job very well
done indeed.

No need to change tactics. More of the same chaps. Let's
think about dinner at the Tennis Club afterwards. Maintaining such a high
energy level for 60 minutes would have required a training session or two.

Bugger that! The 2nd half was always going to be slower
in any case given the horrendous weather conditions and at times, it looked
more like watching a subbuteo match than a real one with large gaping holes
appearing all over the pitch. Sandweiler can be admired for their positive
attitude, however and they continued their efforts so when they eventually
scored, it was probably no more than they deserved. With the game moving
towards a freezeframe speed on marijuana and with only a few minutes remaining,
Marcelo celebrated the end of his recent goal drought with a fine finish that
brought the score up to 4-1 for Munsbach. A fair reflection of a competant and
encouraging away performance, I would say.

Well done to each and every player.

Munsbach also won comfortably in the bar with the home
team disappearing first. This is important since it retains the initiative and
shows just who's in charge. For future games, let's all try to attend the meal
since it reflects well on the club and forms part of the evenings

Alain Kalmes black n white army. Alain Kalmes black n
white army...