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Match reports

06/06/2016 @ US Remich-Bous

In the absence of Tony I
have been handed the opportunity to write a note highlighting last night’s

First up, shockwaves
around Luxembourg as the final whistle is blown at the regular time and the
referee does not exit Benny Hill style, chased around the pitch by angry old

The match itself was as it
should be, competitive, agreeably physical and generally good-natured. Mark and
Colin arrived last and quickly drew up a cunning formation that made for a
solid back line with the kg of a rugby pack, a midfield of battlers and
grafters and a lightning quick attack. Oh yes, and me on the bleeding bench.

It was a cagey start,
Marcelo had an early chance that whistled wide and generally we had more
possession, but did too little with it. The closest anyone came to a goal was
Bous, however. A very speculative punt looped over Nico and pinged against the
bar. Speaking of punts, Mark was vocal in the middle, with shouts of ‘kick
it/him’ and ‘boot it up to Marcelo’. This summed up the half as we were comfy
in defence, solid in the middle but wasteful with the ball. At half-time there
was an attempt to address this until dinner numbers had to be counted. There
was an odd incident when a Bous player flopped over with a (we later found out)
nasty Achilles tendon injury. Mr Edmonds was in the vicinity at the time, but
oddly enough not guilty on this occasion.

Second half Bous brought
on an Unlucky No13 (for us). He looked quite decent and threatened on occasion
to boss the midfield. Still we had chances, the Latino front line now passing
the ball around. Marcelo went close again before Alfredo politely declined a
goal-scoring opportunity and passed the ball wide of the post when we were all
wheeling away in celebration. The back-line held up well, aerial dominance from
Geoff and Peter denying the Bous attack any joy. JM and Roby were solid in the
fullback positions and Colin putting in a MVP performance as a midfield dynamo.

So it was a bit annoying
that, as soon as Geoff wandered off for a breather, Unlucky 13 took advantage
and curled one past Nico. 0-1, against the run of play. However, Munsbach are
made of strong stuff. The Mate-drinking front line would not give up – and
surely couldn’t spend the whole night in offside positions. Not sure who it was
to be fair but with 15 to go someone (Luciano ?) played a delightful through
ball to Juan-Pablo and he maintained his composure to slide past the Bous
keeper for an equaliser.

And there was more to come
as in the closing minutes Alfredo made amends for the earlier miss with a
‘scooped’ finish off a toe, 2-1 and game over. Well, almost. It did get
exciting as a ball pinged against Roby’s arms and body in the box,
but the ref probably got it right and waved away screams/whails for a penalty.
Thereafter it was all over and it was off for some pig.

The Bous supremo gave a
rather entertaining speech, notably pointing out that Mark could pass for 37 if
he had hair. Mark had a game of two halves over the pig dinner. After
prostituting himself to the opposition, angling for a deal with Bous (no offer
forthcoming) he generously took care of the collective tab. Bravo for that !
Onwards and upwards and looking forward to the Strassen game next week.


09/05/2016 vs FC Jeunesse Canach

After the last couple of exhausting away fixtures that

involved going past several farms and even an international airport, it was

with some relief that the boys were drawn at home this week. Easier all round.

A healthy crowd welcomed a Canach outfit as the visitors to see what they could

muster up against an improving (almost in form) Munsbach side kitted out in a

(not always attractive) figure hugging white outfit. As usual, the opposition

found themselves to be pretty much alone come the scheduled 7pm kick off time

and as usual, this delay caused some confusion to the selection committee. Our

inspirational leader, Alain, had made a confidence building visit to the changing

room beforehand and having parted a few of those oh so important tactical

touches that he is becoming so appreciated for, he left. So, without his

knowledge it has to be conceded, he unwittingly passed over the match

supervising reigns to Colin and Tony, who were both sidelined with injuries.

Frankly, they had nothing better to do with themselves in any case.

Anyway, Munsbach started brightly enough and it was clear

from the outset that we meant business. Last weeks exploits were simply signs

of what was round the corner, it seems. Short, crisp passing was the order of

the day. The new substitute goalkeeper was clearly something serious and the

starting back line and midfield grouping of Jean-Marie, Roby, Peter, Geoff and

Ian as well as Tadgh, Simon and Mark, looked more than capable of thwarting

anything that Canach might build. With defensive duties pretty much sorted out,

Munsbach started to dominate going forward and with the Human Horse and Marcelo

both rampant from the off, it was clear to even the most neutral of supporters

(had there been any

there) that Munsbach's attacking quality was likely to

reap early rewards. And so it was that Marcelo slotted in two fine finishes

within the first 15 minutes to ensure something of a carnival atmosphere amongst

the local faithful. If only the buvette had been open. With so much quality in

depth in this squad, it was important to involve everyone equally and a rolling

substitution system meant that Khalid, Roland and Alfredo soon found themselves

in the thick of the action. A few good chances were created but went begging.

Notably, Simon found himself on a one on one with their rather large keeper

after a box to box run (sort of) just before the half time whistle. There are

good reasons why Munsbach have invested in a huge net behind the goal. Simon is

a one on one situation seems to be one of those reasons.
A 2-0 lead at the half time interval. Nothing really to

worry about.

More strategic changes. The quality of team play and

passing produced by Munsbach brought a series of oohs and ahhs from the home

fans. Poor Canach were being taught something of a footballing lesson. The

floodlights were turned on. Not every substitution results in a change of

lighting so this in itself was moderately interesting. Munsbach went further

ahead after the Horse comfortably rounded the keeper. 3-0. A comfortable stroll

in the park. With about 15 minutes remaining, Roland broke away down the left

and elegantly lifted the ball over the advancing goalkeeper to put the game beyond

doubt at 4-0.
Confidence amongst the Canach chaps was starting to break

down and a few late challenges came in to their game. I wish that I could

report that the match finished with the referee blowing for full time.

Unfortunately, after a very poor/clumsy/provocative(?)

tackle in midfield by an Airport Customs Officer (as it turned out), Tadgh

opted to retaliate. No fists were thrown (and this is a good thing) although

Tadgh's reaction probably left the referee with no other option than to produce

a straight red card. Refusing to leave the pitch, the referee then opted to

abandon the match entirely with still 8-10 minutes on the clock and more goals

to be scored. Some words were said amongst our team. Not altogether pretty.

With the early finish, the electricity bill for the floodlights would have

resulted in some financial savings for the club presumably. Every cloud has a

silver lining, eh?
If we're feeling greedy, we can mark this one down as a

comfortable victory for the Mighty Munsbach. We played very well in fact. We

actually passed the ball around with some purpose. Hopefully, there will be no

repercussions over what happened at the end but we should all be aware that

this is not the first time we have been involved in awkward moments this

season. Munsbach is a football club that is important to the local community

and reputations are important. Perhaps we all need to be a little more

disciplined in our approach? Maybe let's all start trying to turn up on time, give

it our best shot, have some fun and keep the whole thing in perspective?

So...A win it was. A good, solid win.
In your Canach slums, in your Canach slums. You look in

the dustbin for something to eat, you find a dead cat and you think it's a

treat...In your Canach slums etc etc.


02/05/2016 @ US Hostert

Following a few recent difficulties in closing games out

from a winnable situation and with several top players (Nico, Geoff, Colin

& Roby) being unavailable for selection, it was something of a slightly

revamped Munsbach side that set out to deliver defeat over a red & stripey

Hostert side on the lush green turf of the impressive Stade Jos Becker last

night. With the unannounced appearance of our inspirational leader, Alain, just

before kick off, it was made abundantly clear that nothing less than a win would

be acceptable to the management team. At this stage of the season, points on

the board are what matters of course.
With several players out of contract in the Summer and

the transfer window beckoning, this was an opportunity for certain individuals

to show their true worth to a wider audience. Tony turned up with a pair of

squash shoes only (a right prat, I know!). Anyway, the weather was glorious

& the sun was shining on the righteous and Simon was particularly keen to

show off some new Ronaldinhoesque trick moves that he'd been working on in the

warm up. What could possibly go wrong?

Glancing at the large Hostert squad doing their pre match

routines, there appeared little to concern even the most sceptical of long term

Munsbach supporters. interestingly, Hostert's warm up was efficiently

supervised by a proper trainer/coach/manager chap who definitely looked &

acted like the real deal. In charge at Hostert Veterans though?
Surely, there should be something more worthy to be doing

on a Monday evening?
As usual, the late arrival of the huge number of

committed away fans & potential crushing of people at the turnstiles (for

fans read players) resulted in yet another delayed kick off. Come on guys, we

can surely improve somewhat in this area. Marcelo - our relentless scoring


- kindly volunteered the goalkeeping duties and with a

defensive line of Ian, Mark, Jean-Marie & Peter, we still looked a little

short of something. Even with the extra 10 minutes allowed, we still needed to

borrow one of the Hostert (unwanted right back) stalwarts in order to start the

game with a full contingent. Juan Pablo, who could comfortably be described as

an Argentinian stallion in terms of both stature and manhood, made a welcome,

albeit rare, start up front. Big, powerful, athletic & confident in the

shower. Just what the doctor ordered. Opting to pack the midfield with every

other player available, a quiet confidence was in the air & almost visible

amongst the boys in black.
Some tireless efforts and relentless running from Alfredo

and Tadgh, in particular, some crunching tackles by Mark & Jean-Marie and a

series of intelligent runs (his words not mine) from Simon right from the off

soon gave a significant midfield advantage to the visitors. With the home side

playing a very high but totally illogical off side trap, it was only a short

time before the Argentinian Horse would break away to elegantly put Munsbach

ahead. Any pre match nerves about the new team formation removed in a jiffy.

Truthfully, Hostert threatened very little & Munsbach were good for a half

time lead. A couple of fairly easy chances were squandered (yes, I know, I'm

sorry) but come on, let's focus on the positives, eh? With the early departure

of our general master, Alain, Colin offered some reasonably productive insight

(sort of) at the interval break. This potentially useful

analysis was cut short with the critical discovery of Ian's mobile phone on top

of his car in the parking lot and by the time the finder was comfortable enough

with Ian's claim to hand it over, it was time to kick off again.
Fortunately, Jean-Marie had covered to the ever important

"who's attending dinner afterwards" aspects prior to the game so we

had a bit of extra time on our side to fill in any case. Another strategy

session over. Certainly no point in talking about the crappy football, is

The second half was notable for several events. Ian (a

speedy, head down type of winger) arrived & took the place of the borrowed

Hostert full back who, was returned safely with our gratitude. Some adjustments

in the formation required. Now we were all about our own identity. Hooray.

Eamonne, Tadgh's muscular brother, also became available

to join the action & duly did so subsequently. The game had opened up


It was still played at a general pace that suggested

excessive marijuana consumption by most of the participants, however. Another

excellent (this time headed) finish for the (hung like a) Horse who rose like a

salmon and a fine goal by Tadgh, after a comprehensive team move that involved

an incisive but deft lay off from Simon meant that Munsbach had scored three

away from home! Unfortunately, this attacking flair had been met with some sort

of resistance & a couple of Hostert goals caused by some ill discipline

& lack of concentration meant that Munsbach were up 3-2 with a limited time

We've been in similar situations recently. Please. Not

again! Jean-Marie took over the goalkeeping gloves unleashing a rampant

Marcelo, keen to make his mark. Eamonne hammered the ball home in a one on one

with their keeper after their offside trap failed again. Pressure off. With a

minute or so remaining, Marcelo slotted one in to give Munsbach a well deserved

5-2 away victory. Jean -Marie...A clean sheet. Unbeaten. Oh, how we


We won in the bar too. All in all, Hostert were

humiliated. They know their place now.
Next game is Monday 9th. At home to Canach. Kick off 7pm.

Everyone wants to play in a winning team. There could be a selection nightmare

Munsbach till I die, I'm Munsbach till I die, I know I

am, I'm sure I am, I'm Munsbach etc etc.


25/04/2016 @Dalheim

With any relegation fears averted and qualification for European football already a certainty for next season, the Mighty Munsbach Vets found themselves travelling to the small & unimpressive Portuguese colony of Dalheim, looking to bounce back to winning ways after a most unfortunate last minute defeat in their last outing. A grass pitch. Wet, cold, windy and muddy. Perfect conditions for one or two of our masculine, manly, grafter style men surely? Potentially less so for our more delicate, technically gifted ball players but a welcome change indeed from the usual plastic offerings. With the 7pm kick off only a few minutes away, the home team squad of 18 or so were alone carrying out their well rehearsed warm up training routines. Munsbach were still 6 short of a starting team and the referee, looking quite splendid in a spanking new outfit, made his displeasure abundantly clear. A delayed start & up against a buoyant bunch of Ports & an unsympathetic ref, the 9, then 10, then 11 Munsbach men, found themselves competing admirably, taking full advantage of the supporting winds to dominate territory if not possession. With the very late arrival of our top striker from Uruguay, confidence levels rose further. A couple of fairly good chances came & went. No need to play the blame game. You know who you are! Half time. 0-0. An opportunity to review strategy, make a couple of minor changes & refocus on what needed to be done. Time for inspiration & true generals to take the lead. Jean-Marie took control of the dressing room using his considerable linguistic talents to discuss tactics with each player individually. Total quality. The net result of this was that everybody agreed to join in with the after match dinner. Fantastic. Let's do it. We are Munsbach after all.
The second half began. The Dalhaim Ports (who may possibly have spent the half time break discussing football matters) started making regular substitutions and with their general moaning and crying increasing, they also regularly tested Nico's goalkeeping abilities. Admirably, heroically at times, Nico kept them thoroughly at bay with a string of fine saves. Our defensive line of Roby, Jean-Marie, Geoff & Mark held strong. Through the mist, Simon arrived. A tad late after a two hour road trip. With 30 minutes remaining, perhaps a pair of fresh legs & an array of silky skills and stunning pace would provide a new impetus? Despite encouragements to stay & get involved (primarily from myself), Roby had other ideas. Competition for places perhaps? It transpires that Roby surreptitiously told Simon that there was no point in him staying so off Simon went...Back into the mist. A masterly (if slightly naughty) strategic move by Roby. Cunning in fact. Very cunning indeed. 
The last quarter. Some fearless & tenacious tackling from our midfield dynamo's of Tadgh, Colin, Ian & Peter eventually produced some increasingly agitated Ports (with the ref actually enforcing the substitution of one of them) as well as some space for the attacking threesome of Alfredo, Tony & Marcelo to duly squander a couple of pretty good chances. Tony & Marcelo, in particular, will have had a restless night thinking about what might/should have been. Oh dear. With a minute or two on the clock & the ball safely somewhere towards a corner flag, a blank draw seemed a fair outcome. Honours shared. Unfortunately, a Dalheim winger had other ideas & somehow managed a wonder shot from a very tight angle that beat the otherwise faultless Nico at his near post. Another sleepless night? No time to recover. How on earth did that happen? A frustrating loss. Oh poo.
A pleasant after match session downing large quantities of paint remover (it's called Mateus Rose apparently) with ribs & chicken. At least we won in the bar. Again. Next stop is Hostert next Monday. We need to get back to winning ways. Colin out with a pulled calf. Nico unavailable. Some replacements required. Simon must be gagging for a run. What could possibly go wrong?
We are the famous...The famous Munsbach da da da da, We are the famous...etc etc.



14/03/2016 @ US Dalheim

Something of aclassic evening again?
Alain - We allmissed your inspiring pre match and half time tactical speeches
but we carriedon as best we could. We allowed a couple of debutants to
start for thefirst time. A mixture of experience, youth, latent talent
and raw gritgave us a line up that would make Barcelona nervous. Not in
football termsobviously but you know what I mean...
A very tightgame of reasonable quality. Keen all round (particularly
our tackling)but mostly polite too with a limited number of clear cut
chances so onbalance, a shared nil nil draw looked the most likely and
fairest result.The entire game was played at a pace that is difficult
to describe.Slow probably does it though. In truth, an honourable draw
would have sentboth sets of fans home happy. Special mention to Roby
and Jean-Mariewho both performed particularly admirably on the evening
by the way.However, with about 5 minutes remaining, Fat Boy Mark was
about 3 minuteslate with one of his classic tackles on one of the
numerousPortuguese opposition. Pretty embarrassing really. Things took
a turn for thebetter. The usual Munsbach slanted ref decided not to
give a foul andafter severe verbal complaints from the Ports, he
basically toldthem that this was absolutely normal English play and
that Portugueseplayers invite the problem with their general messing
around. The refalso mentioned, in passing, that Portugal would never
win the WorldCup. Potentially true, not particularly relevant and
slightlyprovocative in the circumstances. The Ports got somewhat
aroused andwith handbags fully armed, a couple of their defensive line
accused him ofbeing racist and wanted blood.
As the guy whohad been tackled continued to roll around like a shot
bird, anotherbloke shoved his studs down Marks shins in a rather cheap
revenge attack.Mark duly responded. Fair play. After that, pretty much
everyone gotinvolved in one way or another. Not Simon obviously. Simon
politelychecked that everybody's shirts were tucked in correctly and
socks pulled upto just below the kneecaps. The poor (completely
useless) refwas severely man handled by some fairly solid Ports and
this createdquite a general commotion. Better over a beer of course but
Geoff comes outof it with the gold medal...He actually threw a big
bloke up andover in a WWF style move. Brilliant. Mostly girly style
pushing andshoving rather than anything worthy of respect in truth but
loads ofamusing little stories in it. As the ref was running to the
changing room,he abandoned the match. Everybody shook hands.
We all had gruband beers together. The cafe made a very nice cake for
us all. Eventhe ref was there. Hiding in amongst us lot though
complainingthat his finger might be broken. We suggested that he makes
a formalcomplaint to someone who might be interested. I can't really
think of anyonewho would be interested.
We areMunsbach, super Munsbach. From Munsbach. we are Munsbach, super